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A Young Writer's Perspective: Cody Coleman

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

During the spring 2022 semester, Blackburn Laboratory Middle School (a Jackson Public School) partnered with The Greater St. James M. B. Church to sponsor the “Medgar Evers Art and Essay Contest”.

This investment in Jackson youth was spearheaded by Rev. Tony Montgomery, Pastor of The Greater St. James M.B. Church. Rev. Montgomery and his church honored winners and other participants at an awards ceremony, providing certificates, trophies, and monetary gifts.

Participating youth were asked to respond to the question: "Who was Medgar Evers, and what was his contribution to the Civil Rights Movement?"

Sixth Grader, Cody Coleman, was selected by a team of judges as third place winner for his essay, “Bravery and Hope”!

"Bravery and Hope"

Mr. Medgar Wiley Evers was a brave man who did a lot and gave his people hope. As stated in an article by the VA History Office, “He served during World War II and graduated from Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College. Medgar Evers moved to Jackson, Mississippi in 1954. He became the NAACP's first Field Secretary in Mississippi.” Due to Evers' actions, he made changes in segregated communities. He was awarded the Spingarn Medal from the NAACP for outstanding leadership."

Even after Evers’' death, he still lives on in the hearts of many. He inspired people to contribute to the Civil Rights Movement and civil rights protests. Art, movies, and music were created about him. According to the NAACP, "He even expanded opportunities for African Americans and worked to ensure Blacks' voting rights." In my view, Medgar Evers was a brave man who did not mind fighting for what he believed in. He believed in equal rights, the right of freedom of speech, the right of education, and the right to be a human being. Even after his death, some of his concepts and beliefs may have been lost, but not forgotten.

After researching facts about Mr. Medgar Evers, I'd conclude that his contribution to the Civil Rights Movement helped us to gain a clear understanding of truths. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect; all people are created equally; and we must never give up on what we believe in.

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