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Gen-Z View

A Forum for High School and College Writers in the Magnolia State

The Magnolia Literacy Project (MLP) started Gen-Z View to reinforce the importance of voice  within Mississippi's Generation-Z community, typically identified as individuals born between 1997 and 2015. They are known for being unapologetically true to their values. The most socially and politically astute Gen-Z'ers stand on the belief that all facets of life should rest on a foundation of equity and inclusion. Whether the setting is a school, the workplace, government, or other space where authority is exerted, if a Gen-z'er is present, chances are so is the expectation for a culture rooted in dignity. After all, Gen-Z encompasses diverse communities of progressive thinkers born into a growing landscape of appreciation for differences among human beings -- be it ethnicity, race, gender, ability, sexual orientation, religion, and other known targets of historical and systemic maltreatment. Gen-Z View stands to cultivate young talent and promote leadership through literacy in Mississippi high schools, colleges, and communities.

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