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According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Mississippi’s literacy rate is 84%, yet she’s home to Eudora Welty, Richard Wright, William Faulkner, Zig Ziglar, and other literary geniuses. The stats don’t always define us, as evidenced by the creativity and talent among a generation of young, emerging writers and artists in Mississippi. The only barrier is limited access to resources necessary to thrive and continue a rich legacy. The Magnolia Literacy Project needs your support in our efforts to provide innovative learning avenues — at no cost to the young people we serve. Please donate.

Congratulations to poet, Erica Barnes, an eleventh grader at Monticello High School! After Erica’s poems about racial injustice were published by The Magnolia Literacy Project in 2020, she was invited to  speak at Delta State University’s “Winning the Race” virtual conference. Winning the Race aims to engage not only Delta State’s campus in promoting racial healing but the community at large, including Mississippi's high school students. Great job, Erica!


"Writing is how I show the world my point of view. For the longest, I was too shy to speak up for myself, so I let my writings do it for me. It was a way to give the world a glimpse inside of my soul.

It was very rewarding to know that my thoughts were important enough to be published by The Magnolia Literacy Project. I felt vulnerable, but it was an exciting experience. I’m extremely grateful to The Magnolia Literacy Project for giving me a confidence in my writing like never before."


--Hannah Jackson

   Natchez, MS Poet