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Donations are tax deductible.

Mississippi is home to many talented students who are excited about writing and the arts. One major barrier, however, is limited access to affordable programs that meet their specific interests. The Magnolia Literacy Project (MLP) provides services at no cost to the young people we serve. Help strengthen our capacity for engaging youth in cultural enrichment, mentoring, and publishing opportunities.


There are simple ways to support our organization:

  1. Annual Fund: Makes an immediate impact on our mentees, helping to finance the day-to-day operations and expenses benefitting young Mississippians

  2. Care & Share Fund: Distributed, as needed, towards unexpected expenses for mentees requiring assistance

  3. Seed Fund: Used to invest in mentees and promote their work  

Please give however you choose. We are grateful for whatever you can offer. Complete the form below, and donate with a credit or debit card, using our PayPal link.

Thank you!

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