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Hannah Marie "Autumn"

Updated: May 24, 2022

Hannah Marie is a senior at Alcorn State University.

A note from the poet: "Autumn is the hectic season where we [college students] transition from a relaxing summer break into the chaotic school year. This poem is about focusing on the beauty and peace in God and His creations, rather than the turmoil that comes with the season."


I’ve been trying to figure out why Autumn is my favorite season.

It’s always been the worst for me.

This is a season where it feels like everything God gifted to me under the June sun is dying.

As if none of my fruits have life anymore.

My hope shrivels up and falls to the ground,

Leaving my branches bare.

My thoughts are so cold that they send chills throughout my entire body.

A chill no sweater could ever fix.

My bones, once used to the warmth of July, shiver with every step I take.

I cannot tell whether the cracking sound I hear is from the fallen leaves under my feet or the sound of my hurting heartbeat.

This season brings so much pain.

But there is so much beauty in it.

Beauty in the way I allow melodies to sweep my feelings under their feet to dance in the red and gold leaves.

Beauty in the way the moon gets its extra time to shine as it glows golden red in harmony with the trees.

The same way my beautiful brown skin shines perfectly in the color scheme.

It’s the way God seems to rake all of the hope I lost in a pile for me to jump in and have the time of my life.

And the way His voice is a fuzzy hat to warm my chilly thoughts.

There is beauty in the way God sends the cool breeze to kiss each tear.

And beauty in the way God saves me,

Each and every time.


The Magnolia Literacy Project’s

initiative to showcase the writing and art

of Mississippians.

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1 commentaire

Jacoby Gilmore
Jacoby Gilmore
17 janv. 2021

Awesome! The beauty of God’s comfort can truly leave one in awe.

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