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Hannah Marie "Rain Dance"

Updated: May 24, 2022

Hannah Marie, a senior at Alcorn State University, explained her motivation for writing this poem. "Most times, our trials and tribulations are like rainy days. Our hair gets ruined. Our clothes become drenched, and we're put in a very uncomfortable situation. However, that same rain is essential for a plant’s growth, so if we choose to see the rainy seasons in our lives as opportunities for God to grow us, we are able to find peace in our discomfort."

"Rain Dance"

My grandmother’s joints are telling me there is rain coming.

I smelled its sweet presence in the air.

So, I left my umbrella at home.

My poncho is still hanging in my closet.

My rain boots are somewhere under my bed.

I don’t plan on using any of them.

I don’t want to be protected from what’s about to fall from heaven.

I don’t want a shield stopping the droplets from falling on my skin.

There is freedom for people who dance in the rain.

Freedom for people who don’t mind being uncomfortable,

For they know God works best in what our flesh labels uncomfortable.

So God, here I am.

My clothes are drenched in uncertainty.

It is a wet blanket clinging to my face.

But my spirit has never clung to you tighter.

With every droplet comes more wisdom, more blessings, and more of YOUR plans being fulfilled.

So God, please send more rain!


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initiative to showcase the writing and art

of Mississippians.

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Jacoby Gilmore
Jacoby Gilmore

This is wonderful! I definitely don’t want to shy away from God’s opportunities for growth.




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