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Lana Brown "The Circle Dance"

A cycle of mundane activity and mindless conformity creates a recipe for self-sabotage. Poet, Lana Brown, examines the crippling impact of redundancy, regularity, and dependability in "The Circle Dance".

Brown is a graduate of Alcorn State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Communications; a Master of Arts in Secondary English Education; and a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education with a Concentration in Reading and Gifted Education. She also holds a Specialist in Education degree in Psychometry from Jackson State University. A retired instructor in gifted education with the Natchez Adams School District, Brown was selected by the Mississippi Department of Education to be a member of the ELA/Literacy High Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM) Review Team in the fall of 2020.

"The Circle Dance"

That swirling mental  cyclone

The never ending pattern


Redundancy, Consistency

Regularity, Dependability


Like a Faithful Servant

To the Laws of Existence

In orbit

Being Stuck

Controlled by a Singular Law of Nature


Quicksand Blocks on the Feet

Held Steady

Due to the Lack of Will to Live….

 to Survive

A Tired Disposition

“Tuckered Out”

From being a Robot

Manipulated by Others

Unmotivated to Change Destiny

Navigation Set on that one Singular Path

Leading to Absolutely Nowhere

A Deadend

Help Wanted, Needed, Demanded

Waiting on God to Save 

The hour, the day, the life

What if He never comes?

Lana B. 



The Magnolia Literacy Project’s

initiative to showcase the writing and art

of Mississippians.

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