Seen AND Heard

  1. Serving Young People of Various Backgrounds

  2. Preparing Young Creatives to Become Leaders Who Bring Positive Change to Mississippi

Challenging the “seen and not heard” ideology that undermines young people, this program encourages self-advocacy through literacy among young Mississippians of various backgrounds and age levels. The MLP partners with Mississippi schools, churches, colleges, and other organizations to recruit students who are gifted writers, videographers, orators, photographers, and visual artists. Selected candidates receive training on multi-literacies and  multimodal texts, mentoring, and publishing opportunities. 

Let's See AND Hear our youth in Mississippi!

They have something to say.

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Seen AND Heard

Juneteenth collage.jpeg

June 17, 2022: At a Juneteenth Youth Workshop (Sponsored by the Magnolia Literacy Project and the Brookhaven/Lincoln County Boys and Girls Club), students learned about the Emancipation Proclamation; Black Americans’ delayed freedom in Galveston, TX; the significance of years 1863, 1865, & 2021; symbolism of the Juneteenth flag; and cultural practices surrounding the federal holiday. Mrs. Ada Pearl Black reinforced history lessons with a story-telling segment about her great grandfather, who was born into slavery. She told the youth, “He was a little kid, just like all of you, in Richmond, VA, where he spent his childhood in slavery. By the time President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, he was grown. Being here celebrating Juneteenth with all of you is special to me because I’m also celebrating him.” The event included a video, interactive activities, and refreshments.

April 2022: Celebrating National Poetry Month

The Magnolia Literacy Project Sponsored Poetry Writing Workshops in

Brookhaven and Jackson.

April 23 and 30: Students in Brookhaven were engaged in a poetry writing workshop at the Brookhaven/Lincoln County Public Library.

Poetry Workshop 1.jpg
Poetry Workshop 2.jpg

April 28: Students at Blackburn Laboratory Middle School, a Jackson Public School,  attended a two-part event, a video watch party followed by a poetry writing workshop.


"The poetry of a people comes from the deep recesses of the unconscious, the irrational and the collective body of our ancestral memories."

-Margaret Walker

2022 Black History Month Youth Reading Spotlight

Theme: "Young, Black, and Powerful"

Blackburn Middle School.jpeg

Six students at Blackburn Laboratory Middle School in Jackson, Mississippi participated in The Magnolia Literacy Project’s 2022 Black History Month Youth Reading Spotlight/Videography Series.

The theme was: "Young, Black, and Powerful".


The sixth, seventh, and eighth graders delivered presentations honoring young African Americans who are shaping history in the fields of business, finance, sports, entertainment, research and writing, art, and engineering.


Youth readers delivered brief presentations on Amanda Gorman, Marsai Martin, Allyson Felix, Misty Copeland, Angie Thomas, LaMonte Pierce, Malcom Mitchell, & Tony Weaver.

Jackson State University students, Ghabriel Mossop and Elesia Murphy, served as narrators for the project.