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A Young Poet’s Voice: Olivia Stewart

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Brookhaven resident, Olivia Stewart, a sixth grade honors student, attended The Magnolia Literacy Project’s (MLP) Spring 2022 Poetry Workshop Series for Young Mississippians. The theme was: “Comparing a Beautiful Creation of Nature to My Mother and/or Grandmother”. Students from various counties in Mississippi participated.

During the workshops, youth in elementary, middle, and high school were engaged in lessons on basic elements of poetry. They received a template to use as a springboard for developing their poems. Afterwards, each youth was asked to select a bright, multi-colored nature sticker from one of three bins – one with flowers, another with birds, and a third one with butterflies. The goals were to choose a sticker that reminded them of their mothers and/or grandmothers and write a poem(s), showing similarities between the sticker’s image(s) and the woman (or women) they wished to honor.

The Spring 2022 Poetry Workshop Series for Young Mississippians was sponsored by The MLP in partnership with the Lincoln County Public Library; Walmart (Flowood and Madison); Angel’s Attic Thrift Store in Brookhaven; Bank of Brookhaven; Boys & Girls Club of Lincoln County; and Blackburn Laboratory Middle School in Jackson.

In Olivia's poem, “Dessarie and Pink Petals”, she honors her mother, Dessarie Stewart.

“Dessarie and Pink Petals”

Sitting at the park,

I see a flower with bright, pink petals.

It reminds me of my mom.

Her favorite color is pink.

Spending time with my mom,

I see how much she has in common with the petals.

They are both pretty.

My favorite thing about my mom

Is her caring, positive attitude.

She and the flower are alike

Because they both make me feel happy.

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