THE MAGNOLIA LITERACY PROJECT (MLP) is a nonprofit organization that uses literacy as a means of celebrating Mississippi while promoting social justice and change across the state. We believe literacy is one of the strongest forms of advocacy. Through publishing opportunities, we empower writers, visual artists, and other influencers to educate, lead, inspire, entertain, and control their narratives.

Our goal is to offer a platform for Mississippians to showcase literary talent, build identity, and represent community. For more details about our programs, click on these links:


Empowering Writers and Artists

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2021 Magnolia Literacy Project Writing & Visual Arts Awards

Celebrating Success!!!

We are so proud of our Writing & Visual Arts Awards recipients. In 2020-2021, several remarkable young writers and artists  demonstrated creativity and substance in poetry, prose, and/or visual art. Proving that writing is an important form of advocacy, they utilized their pens and paints to show leadership, provide inspiration, build identity, and represent community. It brings us great joy to recognize them!

Women's Advocacy Award: Recipients of this honor promote empowerment, self-confidence, and self-love while challenging cultural practices, discriminatory attitudes, and superficial values that marginalize girls and women.

Honoree: Di'Ovion Smith

Social Justice Award: Honorees of this award examine topics that are often avoided but lead to increased conflict if left unaddressed. Recipients challenge norms, promote change, and demonstrate rhetorical activism. 

Honorees: Erica Barnes and Jamee McAdoo

Bloom Award: This award is rooted in the idea of growth despite challenging circumstances. Recipients appeal to audiences through messages of hope, faith, and perseverance. 

Honoree: Hannah Jackson

Writing Excellence and Graphic Design Award: Recipients of this award demonstrate a range of literary talents, conveying meaning through written and visual forms of expression.

Honoree: Natalie Dickens